Fresh Juices 12 oz/$4.95  20 oz/$5.95
Fresh Juice Standards: 100% apple, orange, or carrot
The Original Energizer: apple, carrot, & ginger
Pure Power:   apple, pineapple, carrot, ginger& orange
Kickstart: orange, strawberry & grapefruit
The GreenMan: kale, apple, cucumber & spinach
Sweet Morning: strawberry, orange & carrot
Cantaloupe Kiss:  fresh local watermelon & cantaloupe with orange
The Red Baron: beet, carrot, & apple
Love Potion: peach, orange & strawberry
SuperJuice: carrot, apple, spinach, beet & red bell pepper


12 oz/$4.95  20 oz/$5.95
Strawberry Seduction: strawberry-banana           
Choco-Banana: chocolate & banana
Hawaiian Escape: pineapple, banana, & strawberry
Perfect Peach: peach, strawberry, & banana
Berry Beast: strawberry, blueberry & apple juice
Mango Mania: mango & banana
BlueBird: blueberries, banana, & apple juice
Healthy Elvis: banana, strawberry, & peanut butter

Vegan Smoothies

20 oz/$5.95
The Aloha:  pineapple, strawberry, banana, & OJ
Vegan Elvis: peanut butter, banana, & almond milk
Peachy Green:  spinach, kale, peach, ginger, & OJ
Vegan Beast: strawberry, blueberry & OJ

Cold Pressed Juice 

*our own blends, pressed and bottled here in Rehoboth Beach*$8
Jack-in-the-Green: apple, cucumber, kale,wheatgrass, parsley
The Roots: beetroot, carrot, apple, ginger
Stay Gold: pineapple, orange, carrot, lemon, ginger, turmeric
Viva la Vida: watermelon, cucumber, mint


Kombucha on tap  

Naturally effervescent fermented tea drink, rich in probiotics and antioxidants. Made by hand in West Chester, PA by Baba’s Brew. Raw, vegan, organic. Selection changes seasonally. $6/glass, $16/growler, $10/growler refills


Coffee & Tea 

Tea Lattes $5        

Chai Tea Latte:  strong loose leaf chai tea & steamed milk

Ginger Snap: sassy spice tea, ginger shot, steamed milk, touch of honey

London Fog: earl grey tea, vanilla shot, steamed milk



Espresso single $2.50 double $3.25          

Latte:  $4.50              

Cappuccino:  $4.50 

Americano $4        

Café Au Lait $4                              

Iced Coffee $3 


Tea Smoothies & Other Offerings $6


Happy Monkey:  banana, honey, & granola 

Energy Elvis: organic dark roast coffee & banana

Chai Love: spiced chai tea & banana